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"My leadership coaching journey with Espie was amazing - when I first started with Espie, I was unsure about whether I was any good in a leadership role, and had real doubts about whether I even wanted to do it at all. But by the time we had finished, she had coached me into being confident in my abilities, learning more about what makes me tick as a leader, and finding genuine enjoyment in leading others. Espie is great at breaking things down in ways that meant I had mini-revelations about something at most of our 1 on 1 sessions, and through doing the module exercises. I can't recommend Espie enough, and I'm really glad to have had her as my coach."

Kieran - NZ

"Espies delivery and coaching was simply amazing, she helped me navigate through a number of things in a way that produced some very sound focus points.  Having a safe environment to discuss my professional career focuses has given rise to some awesome opportunity’s to progress my ideas and ideals with my values as the muse for decision making.  A key word to describe the time would be “Distillation”.  At times things get so hectic that we can’t see the wood for the trees; coaching provided time to step back and check in on what’s important and what drives me."

Nathan - NZ

“My association with Espie came at a time in my life when I had no direction, had given up on any hope of moving forward or establishing a positive direction.  In full time work, I had cemented an everyday routine that helped me to cope but didn’t provide me with any possibilities of change.  I was lacking self worth, lost connections with family and felt that there was no light at the end of the tunnel.
I took up Espie’s offer of commitment to partake in sessions to help provide me with the coping skills to re-direct my thinking at that time.  Always an over-thinker, a skeptic nearing retirement, I let my walls down and proceeded with opening up during our sessions. Many tears, self doubt and questions were posed opening up avenues of positive thought through Espie’s guidance.  Non-judgmental guidance, I appreciated throughout this whole process which was key to reaffirming my future hopes and aspirations.  Over time, 10 weeks of Skype sessions across the Tasman, she provided me with a solid basis for moving forward.
On reflection, I will always be grateful to Espie at this almost desperate time in my life when her talent to listen, helped consolidate my thoughts through simple activities and a belief in positive outcomes. Changing towards positive and renewed hope.   Her lessons are still to this day, resounding in my head and have helped me to keep moving forward.  I would not hesitate to contact her for coaching."

Tina - AUS

"I have really valued my coaching sessions with Espie as she is an engaging, natural and honest coach. The way she guides our sessions helps to keep me focused on my goals as well as offers insights when I'm feeling stuck. I always leave our sessions with a renewed sense of clarity and I feel calmer being able to talk through what's been on my mind. Since working with Espie I've felt more motivated in my own business as well as improving my close relationships. I encourage any one looking for a coach to give Espie a call."

Olivia - NZ

"Thing's had been on a destructive, downward spiral for me whilst living in Australia, after a break, uncertainty with my health, and many other things, a lot of them self inflicted, I finally hit my rock bottom. It dawned on me one evening whilst drinking that I no longer wanted to be here. Luckily I went to sleep that evening and the next day was contacted by Espie to see if I was interested in some coaching. This was the sign I'd been looking for so I jumped at the chance. Those 10 weeks were pivotal in getting me to where I stand today. Moved back to N.Z, purchased my first home, quit my construction job to start social work, co-founded a Men's group, in a stable relationship, cut off many toxic relationships, and most importantly I have a great relationship with myself now. I honestly can not recommend or thank Espie enough for that kick start and I will be forever grateful."

Steen - NZ

“Espie and I worked together for 10 sessions of coaching. Over this time I became more self aware, more mindful of my actions as well as others and learnt more about myself in 10 short weeks than I’ve ever learnt prior.  I gained life long skills through learning my values and realising my self worth. Espie provided a non judgmental platform for my soul to grow through words and thought processes which worked for me. Espie was consistently supportive and professional in all sessions and I will forever be thankful I jumped at the chance to learn not only about myself but about coaching.  I truly believe I will take the skills and values I learnt about myself throughout my journey and I can strongly recommended life coaching with Espie.”

Anne - NZ

"Espie’s coaching sessions were so enlightening. Her calm, patient and non-judgmental approach, and the tools we worked through, have really helped me to focus on the areas of my leadership where I can make the greatest impact."


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